October 28, 2008

"Something Pretty"

Posted in Look tagged , at 7:12 am by onetinyacorn

My very first blog post! I’m coming onto the scene like it’s 1999.

I thought I’d begin this little adventure with a word about the title. Sometimes, when I’m bored and searching on the internet, I just want to find something pretty. Or beautiful, or awe-inspiring. There’s that ache to be inspired, to find something transformative.

If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s the importance of art. There’s a lot to hate about the “art world”, from pretentious gallery shows to gushing, pseudo-philosophical reviews of the same. But too often, I think that art is dismissed as peripheral, superfluous. I need beauty in the world. I am often inspired by non-profit organizations’ use of art as a community-building project, from the neighborhood murals I see here in Pittsburgh, to Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project, to Zana Briski’s project of bringing cameras to kids in Calcutta (documented by the film, Born into Brothels).

I walk home from work a lot, camera in hand. It presents a new way of looking at things: slowly, deliberately. And I notice little pieces of everyday magic. Two recent findings: someone suspended autumn leaves with twigs and copper wire, in a halo around a tree trunk. Another is a mossy staircase leading to a wrought iron gate, covered in leaves. It looked like a portal.

Art is a portal.



  1. Dan said,

    You are so articulate! And have the sexiest brain ever, I have decided. I am subscrib’d.
    P.S. It’s snowing!

  2. liz said,

    congrats on your new blog!
    good job so far!

  3. Beth said,

    Love it! And looking forward to future blogs.

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