November 9, 2008

Artists Image Resource

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I attended Pittsburgh’s Handmade Arcade yesterday, which is always a fun mixture of art demonstrations, lovely handmade crafts, and yummy baked goods. I was mostly eyeing the practical items–wallets and notebooks, for instance–but I ended up buying a photograph by Jennifer Howison. She turns little wooden finger puppets into a large cast of characters with paint, then photographs them. I had a hard time choosing just one, but settled on the one with whose characters I felt a certain resonance.

See the figure on the far right, the one that looks a little out of place next to the others? That’s me. I mean that in a quirky, good way, not a sobbing-in-a-psychiatrist’s-office kind of way.

Artists Image Resource was there, too, screenprinting postcards and huge copies of the front-page news on the morning that Obama’s election was announced for free! If you’re in Pittsburgh, they have open studio sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. I haven’t been there yet, but they’re a non-profit, artist-run organization that is commited to educational programs. Sweet.


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