March 22, 2009

Trapped in an Airport

Posted in Look tagged at 9:33 pm by onetinyacorn

Two mechanical malfunctions left me grounded at the Denver International Airport for 11 hours last week. I was too tired to read the work-related stuff I had brought along, and knew from experience that I was beyond the point where drinking coffee was going to be beneficial. What to do? I whipped out my camera and documented the ensuing hours:

What struck me most was the largesse on display everywhere: a rainbow of Crocs, a notable astronaut presiding over the Jamba Juice, the astonishing amount of sugar available. Businessmen getting their shoes shined while talking on their Blackberries, throwing around phrases like “face time”. The overall submission to this neon otherworld, where we were all a captive audience.



  1. Dan said,

    I always enjoy the country-western fanfare that accompanies boarding and disembarking the tram at Denver Intl. I imagine that’s a small consolation for an 11 hour airport marathon, though.

  2. Erin said,

    It is a jaunty little ditty, isn’t it? I also enjoy the helpful information people dressed in Stetsons and vests, ready to help you as soon as you enter the airport.

  3. aimee said,

    oh yes!! i love airports! and i have to admit, i enjoy delays. i can always find something fun to do in an airport, just as you did 🙂

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