April 29, 2009

Pittsburgh, I Love You

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It’s true. Sometimes I take it for granted, your array of museums, architecture, and inexpensive entertainment options. Your indie craft shows, verdant parks, patchwork quilt of neighborhoods, and delicious falafel vendors. I love you because you’re not too uppity, and you have the good sense to retain your history rather than trying to purge it. Your public libraries? Beautiful! A culinary tour of the world, via the Strip District? Don’t mind if I do! An evening watching the sunset from atop the Duquesne Incline? What could be better?

Top Ten Favorite Moments in Pittsburgh

1. Fourth of July atop a roof, overlooking Polish Hill

2. Downtown Gallery Crawls. Favorite gallery of the group: Wood Street

3. The Strip District

4. The Carnegie Museum of Art’s biennial exhibition

5. Downtown around the holidays: the gingerbread houses, outdoor ice skating, free concerts, and “Santas from around the World” exhibit

6. Chihuly at the Phipps Conservatory

7. Walking through Schenley Park in autumn

8. Fiberart International 2008 exhibit, at the  Society for Contemporary Craft and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

9. Pittsburgh Binennial 2008 closing show, with glass casting performances, pyrotechnics, and music

10. All of the times spent with wonderful friends


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