May 18, 2009

Home on the Range

Posted in Look tagged , , at 7:35 pm by onetinyacorn

Photos of our humble abode. A few quick explanations, before Shaun and I go for a walk: the Pirate curtain came with the apartment. The Ernie cookie jar was a gift to my mom from my dad when they were dating. The cowboy fabric adorns the six chairs we scored at a garage sale our first weekend here.

Our apartment is amazing. Tons of natural light in every room, a working fireplace, and no one living above or beside us (we have our own extended area, as you can see in photo 2). There’s plenty of room to store our bikes indoors, too!



  1. Dan said,

    So picturesque! Yinz are totally adults now. Are you planning to buy a house someday?

    P.S. Don’t take down that shower curtain. It’s kinda fantastic.

    • Erin said,

      The shower curtain stays. I have no idea if we’ll own a house someday–2 people in academia seems to lend itself to a lot of moving around. We’ll see.

  2. kat said,

    that looks like a great place. i love the cowboy chairs.

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