May 23, 2009


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*Ahem.* Yes, we’ve finally got a pet! We picked up the two-month-old kitten yesterday; within 20 minutes of arriving at our home she was cuddling with us. She is unbelievably adorable and affable: favorite activities include chasing her tail, pouncing on air vents, playing soccer with crumpled pieces of paper, and scaling the side of our couch like a mini-Spiderman.

Without further adieu, let us introduce Juliet to the world:

20 minutes after arriving at our place

20 minutes after arriving at our place

Fair Maiden

Color Coordinated

Is she not the most adorable kitten ever? We think so. Stunning blue eyes run in my family, so it’s apt that our little cat-child has them.



  1. liz said,

    that is the cutest kitten i’ve seen in years!

  2. kat said,

    her name is juliet!!!!!!!! she is precious.

  3. Dan said,

    Too cute! Dare I make a “Lost” allusion? (No, I shan’t!)

  4. Beth Covert said,

    You finally made me a Grandma! Cutest grandchild I’ve ever seen.

  5. abagowem said,

    Hi, courteous posts there 🙂 thank’s recompense the gripping word

  6. Mom Hayes said,

    I concur with your mom-she is an ADORABLE grand-cat. She’ll do FOR NOW! LOL! Is she pure Siamese? She looks like it. She and Cheeto would have a great time together. We hope you are settling in out there and get to love it. ((HUGS))

  7. Mom Hayes said,

    Well Ryan tells me I was wrong and she is Himalayan, not Siamese which I should know. She will probably have long hair, so a good brush is a necessity. We have decided that Cheeto is “the cat from Hell” so that makes Juliet an angel! LOL!

    • Erin said,

      Actually, according to her original owner, she is part Siamese, and part…something else. We’re not sure. She is mostly angelic, but tears around the apartment like a little demon-child sometimes. She loves playing with cords–we’re trying to dissuade her with some Bitter Apple-type spray. 🙂

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