May 31, 2009

Laramie, Wyoming

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Since arriving here, I think that my identity as “the crazy girl with the camera” has been firmly established. One of the greatest things about moving to a new place is seeing it with fresh eyes; I’ve been marveling over little details that I’m quite sure locals don’t give a second thought to. For instance, houses tend to be painted in vivid colors (though 50-60 years ago, this was not the case, a local man informed me). People decorate with large stone slabs, weathered, gnarled hunks of wood, and/or garden ornaments. Business signs often have a retro flair, often harkening back to the 1940s and 50s. I’ve seen quite a few retro cars here as well. Lilacs dot almost every yard, and I’ve been introduced to trees that look almost as though they have been formed from thin sheets of copper. The trees that make me nostalgic for Pittsburgh are the ones that look as though half of them have been charred–it reminds me of the sooty exteriors of older buildings.

Things like perpetual sunshine, the disarming friendliness of strangers, and the wonders of high-altitude baking are all new experiences. So far, I’ve greeted them with an air of optimism and adventure (we’ll see how I feel this winter).

More on the culture of the place soon!


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  1. Mom Hayes said,

    It sounds like you’re learning to enjoy your new environment. The pictures are awesome-keep up the good work. I’d love to see more of the area around there, so keep clickin’ away!

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