November 1, 2009


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Truth be told, I was not as excited about Halloween this year as I have been in past years. I missed my friends, and thought about how much fun they were probably having in their far-flung locales. Me? I dressed up as a Persian cat: I wore a gold brocade dress, and cat ears that I made out of silk shantung. Black eyeliner worked well to create whiskers and a black nose. Mars was kinda freaked out when I put on the ears–suddenly, he didn’t know what to make of me.

During the morning, I passed out bookmarks and stickers to the parade of little dinosaurs and monkeys that were trick-or-treating downtown. My favorite costume was the baby dressed like a lobster, sitting in a stock pot and pushed along in a stroller by his/her parents, who were dressed like chefs. In the evening, we went out to eat–in costume–and then heard a few bands at a bar. It was alright. Nothing too amazing. Lots of Maxes from Where the Wild Things Are, so I’m glad I nixed that idea. There was an awesome bridezilla: a bride/Godzilla hybrid.

Happy Halloween, Wyoming-style

Meeting of the Minds




  1. Mom Hayes said,

    I think Halloween is over-rated too. We didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters here as other towns had it at the same time thank God and the weather was cold and blustery. How much snow did you get? Been warm here, but back to reality. You should see all our kitties-it’s CHAOS around here!

    • Erin said,

      It didn’t snow on Halloween itself here; it was downright summery, in the mid-40s. But there was snow on the ground from the week before.

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