February 16, 2011

Anti-Valentine’s Day Gathering!

Posted in Make at 3:17 am by onetinyacorn

I hate Valentine’s Day. I think that socially proscribed acts of romance are, in fact, the antithesis of romance. However, I love red and pink and hearts and love—how to navigate this disparity? My friend Julie came up with a great idea: those of us who hate V Day but love chocolates and stuff like that would get together and make themed stuff for each other. So I got to work making almond chocolate truffles and raspberry linzer cookies, as well as inventing a delicious cocktail which I have dubbed the Blue Valentine (my first choice, Blue Balls, was already taken). Let’s break it down:

Truffles! My Joy of Cooking cookbook tells me that these confections were “whimsically” named after the savory black truffle. Perhaps they looked like my first attempt at coated chocolate truffles:

The first few looked decent, and then it was all downhill from there. They tasted delicious, though. Might I recommend a double boiler for the chocolate coating? I also ignored the cookbook’s advice to bring the ganache centers up to 70 degrees F to avoid streaks of grey. I had enough trouble coating them straight from the freezer; my later efforts show what happened when the ever-so-slightly warmed centers came into contact with the would-be chocolate shells.

Linzer cookies! These delicate, buttery cookies with a hint of cinnamon were amazing. I stuck the dough in the freezer (sandwiched between sheets of freezer paper) after rolling it out but before cutting them. Let them thaw for about a minute before cutting them, so they don’t crack.

Blue Valentine!

Ingredients: vanilla vodka, blueberry juice, orange for garnish, ice.

Directions: Pour blueberry juice and vanilla vodka (to taste) in a shaker with ice, shake, strain into martini glass, garnish with orange slice.

Blue Valentine

Recommended listening: Robyn, Dancehall Queen



  1. Julie said,

    It was so much fun and the cookies and truffles were great. Too bad I was too sick to try the drink! Thanks Erin!! Cheers to Gal-entines day!!

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