May 6, 2011

Embroidery: Satin Stitching

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Embroidery is such a meditative process; I can’t get enough of it. Here are my first two attempts at satin stitching:

1. I was inspired by this image. Since the only hoop size I had was 6 inches (and–oh, small towns–I can’t buy them anywhere here; I have to order them online), I scrapped the monkey because embroidering a monkey that small would have ended up looking like a brown blob. I created the background by sewing alternating strips together, then satin stitching the elephants. I learned a few valuable lessons during this process: satin stitching looks best with shorter stitches rather than trying to cover 2+ inches with a single stitch. Also, when embroidering over multiple fabrics, make sure the weave of all fabrics is the same. That red fabric had a looser weave, and that was difficult to manage.

2. My second attempt at satin stitching, also in a 6 inch hoop. This took many episodes of Buffy to finish. It’s my own doodle; I was thinking of this Dylan poster when I sketched it. I finished the eyes with a glint of silver thread. Word to the wise: metallic thread is a pain in the ass. Don’t use it in large sections, because it tangles like nothing else.


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