January 26, 2011

Creepy Dolls

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Fun fact: Casper, with a population of ~53,500 people, is Wyoming’s second-biggest town. Cheyenne, with ~57,600 people is the state’s most populous location.

What Casper did have was unintentionally creepy-looking dolls, and a Superman car. To wit:


January 10, 2011

Pittsburgh Wrap-Up

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It was so wonderful to go back to the place that has always felt most like home to me–Pittsburgh. Aside from seeing great friends and enjoying a magical wedding, these were the highlights:

* Strawberry pancakes at Pamela’s diner

* Visiting the Strip District and witnessing the hustle and bustle

* Museums and galleries! I went to the Society for Contemporary Craft, Hunt Botanical Institute, and the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. My favorite this time was Hunt–there’s a botanical illustration exhibit up there that I found breathtaking.

June 12, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

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In an area where cowboy iconography/mythology/actuality plays such a huge role in regional identity, how is the matter of Native American identity addressed? The answer, to my newcomer eyes, seems to be: it’s not. Sure, there’s a prominent sculpture of Chief Washakie that greets people as they enter the University of Wyoming campus, but by and large, the issue seems to just be skirted. Even in a state with Native American reservations, they seem largely absent.

There is an exhibit of Crow regalia at the University of Wyoming art museum right now, which does not have as much explanatory material as I would like. The matter of ethnic representation in museums is a hot-button issue (who describes the objects, how they are displayed, messy issues around provenance, and the very idea of turning people into study objects for academics are all argued).

The museum also hosted a Pow Wow. I’d never been to one before, and I wondered how the practitioners felt about performing their traditions for a bunch of Euro-Americans. How would it feel to be made exotic in your homeland? To be trotted out as an educational opportunity? I don’t know. I am working on an oral history project, interviewing locals about this area’s history, and their place in it. Maybe it will help to answer some of my questions.

Pow Wow

May 27, 2009

University of Wyoming Art Museum: 20:20

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As pleased as I was to learn that Laramie has an art museum, I am even more thrilled to say that my work is going to be presented there! On Monday, June 1st, from 6-8 p.m., I and 19 other area artists will be presenting our work and discussing it a bit. This is an ongoing series hosted by the art museum, and it should be fun. A little reception will be held afterwards at Altitude, if you’re in the area. Some fabulous work is being installed right now.

Someday You'll Change Your Mind

Someday You'll Change Your Mind

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