May 2, 2012

Kick Out the Jams

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The Black Keys, May 1, 2012:

I’d heard good things about their live performances, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not much talking at all, no silly costumes, but solid musicianship. Dan has this awesome steampunk-y looking guitar, too.


 Howlin’ for You
 Next Girl
 Run Right Back
 Same Old Thing
 Dead and Gone
 Gold on the Ceiling
 Girl Is On My Mind
 I’ll Be Your Man
 Your Touch
 Little Black Submarines
 Money Maker
 Strange Times
 Nova Baby
 Ten Cent Pistol
 Tighten Up
 Lonely Boy


Everlasting Light
She’s Long Gone
I Got Mine

I was a little disappointed that I seemed to be surrounded by a bunch of very tall men (FACT: the average height of a Black Keys fan in the greater Denver area is 6’5″)–until a bunch of obnoxious whippersnappers tried to push their way to the front of the crowd. Then I realized that they make great amateur bouncers.


It’s like you’re RIGHT THERE, isn’t it? Ha ha.

For the uninitiated:

Howlin’ for You video

Tighten Up video


October 9, 2010

Matador at 21

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Ah, it finally came. Months after my husband and I were lucky enough to nab 2 of the 2,500 tickets for Matador’s 21st birthday party (considering they sold out in 2 minutes), we landed in Las Vegas ready to rock. Matador did not disappoint—they put on a great show. Music videos from Matador artists played between sets, MCs of varying quality introduced each performer, and pre- and post-shows kept everyone busy for all of their waking hours. There’s plenty of coverage elsewhere, so I won’t go into exhaustive detail. I will just say that seeing Pavement live was totally worth my 13-year wait (yeah, I didn’t see them during the Terror Twilight tour, because that album sucks); I don’t care about their issues with sound or that Spiral threw a temper tantrum. It reminded me of seeing the Pixies in 2005: everyone so excited at this unlikely chance to see their favorite band perform, everyone shouting the lyrics in time because we have them all memorized. Also, Cat Power was amazing (and not showing any signs of stage fright), Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tore it up, Sonic Youth performed my dream set, and Belle and Sebastian were completely endearing (if not my favorite performers, I was completely won over by their behavior). Loved the ubiquitous Ted Leo, too.

The venue was kinda weird: an upscale casino that also houses the Playboy Club, which witnessed the odd clash of The Plaid versus The Scantily Clad as the concert let out. It did contain one anomaly to trendy Vegas spots: chain restaurants that have not doubled their prices to take advantage of people. Speaking of which, stay tuned for my next installment: Vegas for Cheapskates!

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