November 2, 2012

My One-Year Denver-versary!

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I  won’t say much about it, but overall, moving to Denver was a Very Good Decision.



May 2, 2012

Kick Out the Jams

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The Black Keys, May 1, 2012:

I’d heard good things about their live performances, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not much talking at all, no silly costumes, but solid musicianship. Dan has this awesome steampunk-y looking guitar, too.


 Howlin’ for You
 Next Girl
 Run Right Back
 Same Old Thing
 Dead and Gone
 Gold on the Ceiling
 Girl Is On My Mind
 I’ll Be Your Man
 Your Touch
 Little Black Submarines
 Money Maker
 Strange Times
 Nova Baby
 Ten Cent Pistol
 Tighten Up
 Lonely Boy


Everlasting Light
She’s Long Gone
I Got Mine

I was a little disappointed that I seemed to be surrounded by a bunch of very tall men (FACT: the average height of a Black Keys fan in the greater Denver area is 6’5″)–until a bunch of obnoxious whippersnappers tried to push their way to the front of the crowd. Then I realized that they make great amateur bouncers.


It’s like you’re RIGHT THERE, isn’t it? Ha ha.

For the uninitiated:

Howlin’ for You video

Tighten Up video

February 5, 2012


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15.9 inches of snow fell here in Denver over the past three days. It has been beautiful: gently falling snow, no wind, and very little traffic noise (on account of the fact that 3/4 of the city shut down). I grabbed my snowshoes and headed to the park; lots of other people had the same idea. Dogs were bounding around, barely visible above the snow, couples were cross-country skiing, and people gathered at bars afterwards, snowshoes in hand. I am so happy I moved here.









January 24, 2012

Washington Park

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December 16, 2011

The view from my office

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It helps on bad days.

December 13, 2011

Another reason why you should visit me

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I got a membership to the Botanic Gardens yesterday, good for me and one other person. And it’s 3 blocks from my place. AND it’s all gussied up with Christmas lights and ice sculptures right now.

August 14, 2010

Rainbows, Bunnies, and Fluffy Clouds

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…and a taxidermied badger (dude wanted $125 for it). Suffice it to say, I am not the new owner of said badger.

Taken in Laramie, Fort Collins, and Denver.

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