November 5, 2008

Department of Studio Arts Faculty Exhibition

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One of the greatest things about my day job is its proximity to some world-class amenities. I can actually take a stroll through a Victorian botanical garden, art museum, natural history museum, or park on my lunch break, as each is located mere yards away from my office. So it was that I happened upon the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Studio Arts Faculty Exhibition.

One of my favorite pieces–“Twist, Tie, Multiply: Hands in Action,” by JoAnna Commandros and Anna Divinskyincorporates shibori, a Japanese textile art that involves molding and dyeing fabric. In this instance, beans, pebbles, and marbles are tied inside swaths of fabric and dyes are brushed on. Once the dyes have dried, the objects are removed, but the fabric retains their shapes. What results is a undulating, anthropomorphic shapes that suggest (magnified) microorganisms or some kind of undiscovered vegetation.

Their artists’ statement cites Wonderkammern, or Cabinets of Curiosities as an inspiration, which just multiplies my affection. In fact, I think I’ll start working on my own contemporary take on Wonderkammern

The exhibit is open through November 21st, 2008. You can also try your hand at shibori for the next two Mondays, from 3-4 p.m. Gallery hours: 10-4, M-F. Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

Materials: wood, fiber, acrylic paint, wire.


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