October 30, 2008


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November brings us the curious event known as National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been meaning to write a novel since I was about 7 years old (yes, I was a precocious child with a copy of The Gettysburg Address taped to my bedroom wall–what of it?). Years of unfinished manuscripts and pieced-together paragraphs have followed me around and morphed into condemnations of an unfulfilled potential.

Well, no more. This challenge of writing an entire novel in a month will help me overcome my natural perfectionism, which has led to my glacially-paced approach to writing. I love the spirit of the enterprise, the thought that thousands will be typing frantically alongside me. Finally I will have an excuse to be moody and withdrawn, bleary-eyed, frantic, and reeking of coffee. I can say, “Oh, I can’t go out, I’m working on my novel” with an air of self-importance and sacrifice.

Want to join me?


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