October 28, 2010

Street Art Gallery

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unurth is an amazing gallery of street art. Go ahead and click the link, I’ll wait…

See?!! I think that it’s crazy that people in the U.S. can be arrested for creating works of art like that. Would you rather look at a grey concrete wall, or a gorgeous mural? A lot of this art is created in dilapidated neighborhoods—empty storefronts, boarded-up buildings—that could use some re-invigoration. Issues of community revitalization, giving voice to the marginalized, and the reclamation of space are all touched upon through street art.


November 22, 2009

New Math

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I have a serious aversion to math, nurtured by my complete ineptitude in it. New Math, however, adds a fun and witty twist to that much-maligned subject.


Like many awesome findings, I’m pretty sure I learned about this site from swissmiss.

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